Eviction Attorneys

Eviction Attorneys, Atlanta GAEvictions describe the legal process in which landlords remove a tenant from a residential or commercial property. Despite the outrage expressed by many tenants who face eviction, landlords are often justified and legally entitled to remove them for a variety of reasons, including non-payment.

If you’re a landlord who is seeking the assistance of an Atlanta eviction attorney, look no further than Strott & Dillon, LLC. Our skilled attorneys have decades of legal experience and can assist you with all your eviction matters in Atlanta, GA.

We at Strott & Dillon, LLC are qualified experts when it comes to handling tenant evictions and litigation involving the eviction process. We help landlords and other parties remove problematic and troublesome tenants who are costing them time and money.

The vast majority of tenant evictions are due to nonpayment, and the law is very clear on this ground for eviction. Despite that clear law, tenants will still often aggressively fight the eviction or cause other problems, which is why the assistance of a qualified eviction attorney in Atlanta is critical. We at Strott & Dillon, LLC use our extensive knowledge of eviction laws in Georgia to ensure that your case is sound and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Need an Eviction Attorney in Atlanta, GA?

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