Fee Arrangements

We understand and respect the concept of cost containment and, where possible, endeavor to provide reasonable certainty regarding the ultimate financial costs for legal services. Our attorneys have the background and skills that justify attorneys’ fees at levels similar to those often billed at the large law firms, but due to our low overhead we are able to offer fees often one-half or less than that charged by those firms, with the same or better outstanding legal services. We are sensitive to the bottom line and are open to balancing acceptable risk versus cost.  Accordingly, our rates are very reasonable given the experience and expertise of our attorneys. While most work is compensated on an hourly basis, depending on the nature of the case, we utilize other approaches including fixed fee, guaranteed maximum fees, guaranteed maximum fees with shared savings, contingency and blended hourly and contingency arrangements. Our aim is to develop a lasting relationship with our clients, and we are willing to consider various factors in arriving at a mutually advantageous fee agreement.